Am I a selfish person?

i hate my bf family very much i feel if he spend less time with them he can become a better person. his mom is a miserable judgmental always talking about people's weight, clothes his older brother is a selfish thief negative person who wishes bad for him and want to see him fail his younger brother spoil brat always getting his way and talking bad about him. he loves them yet they seem to feel th e opposite seeing that when we started to date they told me he was crazy and need help but i dont know he seems to can't get them out of his life but i will not continue a relationship what if we have kids i dont want them filling their head with negativity my family is worse enough am not adding to it


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  • i don't think this is selfish thinking I think it is logical thinking

  • nothing wrong in being selfish... it's a matter of balance, like all other things in life.


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