Does she like me? I am really confused and could do with your help! :D?

Okay so this is my story...

I was at a party and a girl i really like started and I started talking to eachother and before I know it we are spending the whole night with eachother.
We were both pretty much attached to eachother the whole night and we kissed so this leads me to believe that she likes me, the next day we messaged eachother but a day after that I messaged her a question but she didn't see it until the next morning then never replied - i would have thought that if she really liked me she would have messaged me back ASAP. Im getting mixed signals and really confused and could do with your opinions! Thanks!

Oh yeah and apparently she has a boyfriend which makes it more complicated but I heard she wants to end it with him anyway so Im really confused :S


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  • Maybe she really didn't see it.

    • It was on Facebook because she lost her phone at the party and hasn't got it back yet - and it said seen
      Thanks for the reply!

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    • Wait a while longer, if she doesn't respond, message her again out of courtesy, then just wait until you're back at school. That's what I would do anyway.

    • Okay thanks for your help :)


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  • leave... before you get hurt... if she want you, she knows where to reach...

  • ooooooooh she sounds like bad news

  • Just step back and don't get involved in this mess. Let her break up with her boyfriend if that's what she wants to do, she doesn't need dudes waiting in the sidelines till she does.


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  • Indeed, she does like you. But liking you does not, necessarily, mean she wants to leave her guy to be with you. If so, perhaps whatever she had with you the night at the party, stayed... at the party.

    Or, she may be thinking that the pace at which you are going is a bit much and, as a result, she wants to slow things down by communicating with you less.

    Give her additional time to reply to you before you assume the worst.