Getting Back together with your ex?

When you get back with your ex, does it usually last? If the break-up was because of over jealousy and distrust.


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  • well unless something changes, it's just not gonna work out. you're throwing yourself back into the same cycle unless something gives.

    getting back with your ex is like watching an old movie, no matter how many times you watch it it'll be the same ending.


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  • No. Never once has getting back with an ex helped me. If anything it made it worse. I there was a reason to break up the first time there will always be a reason. Move on and find the girl who will treasure your heart and keep it protected for ever rather than someone who had already thrown it away once! <3

  • i thinks its gonna last since you're back together you're meant to be

    • Well, the same problems been resurfacing agian.

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    • Well, I've been hidding them but I think she's catching on. If I'm not honest about my personality then, it won't work then?

    • honesty is the most important thing in any relationship. and if she doesn't appreciate yoir honesty then you deserve someone better. and if you dont talk to her and be honest these problems won't solve itself

What Guys Said 2

  • No I would not, and ex is an ex.

    • Not even if we keep trying and are in love? Is it doomed to fail, if one of us llack trust?

  • Usually no but if for those reasons definitely not. That won't stop you from trying I bet.

    • Wven if we love each other? Eventually shell get fed up? With the jealousy and me not trusting her?

    • Yes and love is not jealousy and even love does not conquer all.