Can you help convince my GF to try ice skating with me?

My GF is new to the USA and has not experienced winter. She *hates* the cold, and I want to ease her into winter activities with indoor ice skating. How should she dress to make sure she's perfectly warm? Thanks!


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  • Make sure she has gloves, a hat, and the right kind of socks. Cold ears, feet, and hands can ruin the day for her. Oh yeah, and wear a nice big sweater you can offer to her if she gets cold--that's super important if you want to make a good impression on her!

    • Thanks! Are you sure that's enough? Won't she need layers/winter clothes?

    • Yeah, she'll need layers too. When I go skating, I wear a lmoisture wicking thermal, then a light long sleeve shirt, then a sweater, then a jacket. Usually I take off at least one layer. I've been known to skate in a skirt with warm leggings. But he most important things are my toes, fingers, and ears.

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  • If she hasn't expressed that this is something she wants to do, don't do it. It's presumptuous and she probably won't have a good time.

    If she HAS... jeans and a sweater works. It's not too cold actually.

    • It's presumptuous, but I really think she'll enjoy it once she gets over her fear of being cold. I know it's not too cold in an arena, but she wears jeans and sweater and it's like 75 degrees out lol. I don't know what layers would convince her.

  • Layers are key. Start off with thermal long johns, tops and bottoms. A turtleneck and fleece hoodie on top and some sweats on bottom. Now a ski jacket and ski pants over all that. Don't forget mittens and a hat and scarf! Oh and double socks :)

  • A coat? Mittens? Dress how you would if it was cold...

    • She has a coat, and mittens, but she doesn't think that's enough. I guess I'm wondering what layers girls would wear so that she is perfectly warm head to toe?

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