Why isn't my guy calling me..,?

Ok I been dating this guy for 3 months everything was great and then he got a job that he works far away and only comes home on weekends. I was a bit insecure about it at first and started fighting with him and I didn't see him for almost three weeks. He then called me and asked if he could take me out which I said yes. We had a great evening , got along great , perfect. He then left the next morning for work again. He said I will call or text you. About three hours later he texted md to see if I was ok because I had a migraine. I said yes and said I missed him and wished him a good day. He too said it in return. Now it's been two days and I haven't heard from him at all , not even a hi. Am I being ridiculous or is he telling me to go awAy silently. I'm going crazy!!!


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  • you're not going crazy it's quite alright. assuming he is like me, he probably enjoys his time alone and will occasionally disappear for a few days. its not because he doesn't enjoy your presence or the valuable time you two share together but he probably takes time to himself to grow and become more of a person and professional than he is now.


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  • I don't thnk you're being ridiculous. 2 days is a long time to not hear from someone you're with. If it really mattered, time will be found to send out a text or even a call. I'd ask him about that asap if you haven't already.