Mixed feelings about going into a relationship?

Simply put, if a guy asked you about going into a relationship, and you said you have mixed feelings about it , or feel things could get complicated., what does this mean?

Sorry, wrongly worded, if a girl told you after you asked her about going into a relationship, she has mixed feelings.


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  • I am scared of commitement, it's risky , she 's afraid of getting hurt ! that's what she's saying ; hang out with her more , take baby steps and see where it leads :)

    • Makes sense with her telling me about what happened with her, ex. Thanks, Just trying to get, a barring to make sure i don't rush or screw things up.

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    • It sure seems like it!! Thank you!!!

    • hahha enjoy buddy!


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  • It might mean you see potential but don't think you see enough potential. It could work though. My friend asked out a guy who didn't think she had much going on and after 3 months of dating he wanted to marry her so the initial reaction isn't always permanent if you are smart and have a good personality.

  • In my opinion, you're in the friend zone. She doesn't want to lose your friendship, but doesn't feel right about dating you. I'd guess she feels no chemistry. Also, the thing about having mixed feelings, or it being complicated... well that makes me think there's somebody else in the picture. Maybe she likes a friend of yours, or maybe one of her friends has feelings for you.

  • I think its a way to say your not ready, and you want to but you are simply scared. In these situations its important not to push, and give some space.

    • So kinda go with the flow, and hang around this person and see where it goes?

    • Basically, you can't control things , if its ment to be it will happen :)

    • Thanks, hoping things will go well lol

  • Maybe you want to be in a relationship but you're not ready yet?


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