Both guys and girls!! Any ideas as to what this is? Not very experienced in this area?

A guy and I have been texting daily for over a month now. We've met up about 3 times now. We've fooled around all three times we've met up (no sex yet). He's really sweet and flirty while texting and shows signs that he really likes me but I feel like he just wants a "friends with benefits" thing. What confuses me is that after each time we've met up he always kisses me on the lips goodbye. Any insight to my situation would be helpful. Is he just trying to be nice? I'm 19 & he's 26 btw.


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  • He is shy or not sure when to make the first move.


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  • To be honest before you start developing more feelings towards this guy confront him with any doubt that you have. It's definitely going to save you from disappointment & heartbreak. Get everything cleared out before engaging into a more serious phase.