Why when you tell an ex you don't want them contacting you anymore that's when they want to contact you?

I just told my ex who keeps playing push and pull game to stop contacting me the fucker had the nerve to say "mm why is that"? Like what is the point in that?


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  • He's doing it just to get on your nerves. Don't answer him and let him go. Ignore him completely. Sounds like you're on the right track already though.

    • I figured. Why would he do this shit? He knws I deeply care for him, and want us back and this push and pull I got tired so I didn't even reply when he said "why I didn't want him contacting me anymore "

  • It sounds like he is just playing a power game with you. He said that so that he can sct coy like he's not doing what he is doing.


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