What's this girls deal?

Ok I went on one date on an online dating site and the date went well. She texted me back and forth for a week afterward the date. I suggested an activity for a second date which she agreed to, but I didn't set an exact date for it since she was busy with work that whole week. She seemed like a nice girl from what I gathered on the date. I tried to get her on another date, but now she ignores it everytime I bring up something about it. She quit texted me for about 5 days and then randomly out of nowhere texts me again saying sorry and she was busy and all that bs. I don't get it. All girls ever do is waste my time. I don't want text back and forth and just talk, I want to get to know her in person and go on another date. Girls, what can I do? I'm thinking about texting her and just being direct. Saying hey I want to take you bowling, do you want to go on another date or not? by the way we've never talked on the phone, we just text, which is ok with me.


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  • When you're doing the dating site thing, assume that you're not the only one they will be seeing and talking to until they narrow down to who they really want.

    My guess: she had a really good time with another guy, blew you off, and then it tanked, so now she's calling up the alternate.

    • Also, unless she can't afford a regular phone bill, be wary of "text only" romantic options. Texting gives you the option to "play dumb" about getting messages, and time to think up a clever reply.

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    • I would but that makes things confusing. I would never know if she just likes me in a friendship kind of way or actually wants to date.

    • Put it out there that you're open to both. If any girls message you, find out if they are open to it too, or taken. A lot of girls want to be friends first, so they'll actually put "looking for friends only" on their prof.


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  • It seems like she doesn't want to go on another date but also doesn't want to be mean and completely ignore you, hence the message apologizing and saying she was busy. If she was really into you, she'd write you and make it clear that she wants to see you.

  • Hello,
    Yes I would just be direct with her, what have you got to lose , if she's already messing you around anyway! at least you will know where you stand. You should get a response from her one way or another. Either positive or negative, then you can move on. Go for it!

  • it sounds like you are just her second option or she doesn't care that much. I believe that the second date should happen within a week of the first date. Longer than that means one or both parties aren't that interested or are just dating a lot of people


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