I kiss his cheek but he doesn't do it back but he seems to like it?

So I sometimes when we hug I kiss his cheek but he doesn't initite the kiss. He seem to like it when I kiss his cheek though.


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  • Hmm I have to ask are you trying to get him to notice you and maybe start asking you out. A kiss on the cheek from a lady between 36 and 40 during a hug is actually kind of common. To a man it simply mean we are good friends but dont push it any further. A kiss on the cheek during a hug is what our mother do to us and it is not a sign of attraction but more a sign of motherly love. We like it but dont think anything more about it. If you are trying to get him to notice you more romanticly you might want to try a different aproach. Most men do not return the kiss on the cheek because we dont want to make the woman uncomfortable when she is being all motherly.

  • If he doesn't kiss you on the lips passionately, he's probably not interested, or girls aren't his type.


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