Am I right to try to talk my friend out of dating this girl I work with?

OK I got my college roommate a job where I work and he pointed out how hot this hostess is and wants to try to ask her out. She's single now and all but he's 21 and she only 17 and I told him to back off and to go after a girl his age range. She used to like me and I friendzoned her cause im 20. He wants to switch shifts with me tonight cause I know he wants to hit on her and I don't want him to do anything dumb. He's a senior in college and she's a senior in HS so am I right to do this. If he goes after her its his call but I'm doing all I can to to convince him to think this through.


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  • You just secretly have a crush on her. Let him hit on her and let her take care of herself. You rejected her. She obviously doesn't mind dating older guys and it's her choice.

    • I don't have a crush on her lol I'm actually obsessed with another girl and have been for a year lol. Its illegal I'm really annoyed cause he always goes after HS girls.


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  • Yes you are right

    • OK cause he's mad at me for doing it so I feel bad cause Ill be honest I don't trust him at all.

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    • No lol I'm not getting that involved. Its his call and she is a smart enough girl to know when to back out. She seems like the perfect girl minus the fact she's young and I'll be in grad school across the country soon. I can trust her not him. He's looking what days she works and trying to switch with people so he can work with her. Its pedoish lol

  • Ur a very smart guy

    • I'm not a smart guy I've dated my share of crazies lol but at least it was legal.

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  • You're bitter because she rejected you. Don't cock block.

    • No I friendzoned her and rejected her. She asked me out and I felt bad but was honest about it and don't regret it. I'm trying to warn him that he's going to law school in a year and it doesn't make sense to try to date this girl when your moving far away in 3 months.

    • He's not looking for a marriage. Don't cock block.

    • I said in the original post I'm not stopping him or getting directly involved by talking to her I just am trying to convince him to go after a girkl his own age.