Finding a girlfriend is hard?

I've been single now for nine months after coming out of a three year relationship. I knew the dating game was hard but this hard? Does anyone else feel the same?


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  • Finding a boyfriend can be hard. People say "you're a girl, you can just walk up to a guy and he'll say yes." For sex, perhaps, but I don't want sex when I ask someone out. I prefer a meaningful relationship. I date for ever or for never, yea that intimidates a lot of guys. I'm upfront with my intentions. If you date me, it's not just because you're tired of being lonely, not because you just wanna fuck me, not just because you wanna have a date on Friday night. It better be because you're actually ready for a commitment. I don't date just to date. I look for soulmate, a life partner, not just a boyfriend. Intimidating, yes, but that's what I look for and I don't have time to be wasting on someone who doesn't want the same or isn't ready.
    I'm also a tomboy, which most guys HATE. Most guys love the dainty little feminine princess girls. Sucks. But oh well. So that along with my strict dating, it's really hard for me to find someone. I don't have much standards for looks though. But it's the personality, manners, kindness, commitment, accept me for who I am, a tomboy and not a girly girl, and that's it haha.
    I guess dating is hard when you have high standards. I'm lucky my boyfriend is with me now because they dating scene is hard. :)


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  • Yep. I've been single for 4 years coming out of a year and a half relationship. I guess its because I'm not really looking, and those who do approach me, I'm either not feelin them like that or I don't know if they're ready for longterm. But yea I'm ready, just not looking if that makes sense?

    • Yer I know what you mean. I'm looking for something long term also.

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  • Its really hard, but not impossible. When it rains it pours is my experience. Hook ups are easy finding a worth while relationship is hard. I recommend online dating, a lot of my friends had good luck with that

    • Been trying online dating without success. I'm not exactly the best looking guy. And most girls/ladies are quite picky. But thanks for the reply and advice

    • Keep trying. 50 nos and 1 yes is still a yes