Have Really Strong Feelings for Old Friend?

Recently, I have developed VERY strong feelings for a girl I know. We have known each other for about a year, and at first, we were just friends. But recently, I have been spending a ton of time with her, and I really, really like her.

We are in the same "group" at my college, and we spend a lot of time together with mutual friends. I don't think anyone else knows I like her, as I am really, really bad at showing interest.

I know she has no romantic feelings for me. I thought I had a chance, but she was really depressed the past two days, and I could see that she does not need me as a source of comfort, even though I tried. She treats me like a friend, and really makes no special effort to be with me (i. e. she never initiates), and she would rather be with her girlfriends (ironically, she never had a BF before).

What can I do, outside of just asking her out (which I really don't want to do right at the moment, considering the bad signs and our social status now)? Thanks so much in advance.


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  • She currently has no romantic feelings towards you because you are in the friend zone. You need to start flirting with her a little bit so that she starts thinking of you in a different light.

    • I know this probably sounds stupid, but I don't really know how to flirt, and articles online don't seem to help. I have tried to come in REALLY close when working with her (bumping into her hair, leaning arm to arm, touching her hand, etc.), I compliment her when she does something good, etc. What more can I do?

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    • You seem like a really nice guy :)
      I wish you all the best!

    • Thanks - the same to you!

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