Am I wrong, or is she wrong?

My brother and I are very close friends. He's in the military and lives 1000 miles away from me. My sister in law came back home and brought my 3 year old niece for a week. I have watched her every day and spent every second I could with her, since I only get to see her once a year when I travel for her birthday. All while trying to work things out with my ex who is ripping my ass for choosing to be with my niece everyday instead of making her my #1 priority. I don't ignore her or anything she is just mad that instead of going to see her or taking her out everyday, I'm watching cartoons and playing with toys


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  • Never allow a lover to make you choose between your family because if things didn't work out tour family would always be there and a girl with someone else.. she might just be insecure and feels you are making an excuse but if it was me I'd probably ask to go out and we can take your nice with us... like we cld go to a park, paint, just try to make the best out of it for us all

    • I just couldn't grasp why she was mad. Set aside one week to be an uncle. didn't think it would be that big of a deal

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    • Woo hoo :)

    • haha if only you weren't anonymous id send you a message


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  • Neither of you are wrong, healthy relationships involve comprising. Maybe you could ask her to come watch your niece with you. She just misses you and doesn't know how else to express it because she doesn't want to seem weak.

    • im glad you expressed the other side of this.. I was hoping she was just wrong

  • Until she's your wife, and especially since you haven't seen much of your niece, she's definitely wrong. She should be understanding in that and it makes me wonder what kind of person she is since she isn't.

    • She's a nice person I'd like to think, just has a bit of a temper when things don't go her way

    • I'm sorry. Maybe involve her in playing with your niece too?

    • No worries, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't completely off in thinking that I was right in letting her know that I only see her once a year and that it was very important to me

  • I ment to push the ^ button lol


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  • You're in the right. She's in the wrong. Niece is family. She needed you.

    La familia es todo.

    • couldn't agree more with the last part. Surprised I half ass remember Spanish from 10 years ago too haha

  • "Family comes first"