How many dates does it take until you ask a girl to be your gf? When is too soon for someone to ask you (girls and guys)?

I've been talking to this guy for three week and spent a lot of time with him on the second date! He also introduced me to his roommate! He asked me to be his gf after the date- do you guys think that's too soon?


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  • Anything more than one is sufficient to take it forward. But everyone has their own fears and presumptions !!!


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  • There is no number of dates , no number of compliments and no number of fun activities i can say that would make me want you as my GF. Thats because i will tell you once i love you and that varies from girl to girl.

    Before i am together with a girl i have to know for sure i wouldn't want to leave her for someone else.
    The moment i do ill start collecting all the courage i have and tell her ^^.

  • She is my gf after I finish inside of her the first time

    • If she had sex with you too soon wouldn't you leave her and think she's too easy?

    • Let me fix my statement. I am a virgin still, however the above mentioned bonding experience would seal the deal for me, and probably for her. No, it just happens I believe. Now forcing it may be an issue. If you are making out and one thing leads to another so be it.

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  • I'd say 3rd date, but if he summed it all up into the first date and you really like him, go for it now and don't pass up the opportunity :) At least a date came first for you, my ex asked me to be his girlfriend and the date came later on =/

    • Thank you! :) may I ask why you guys broke up and how long your relationship was?

    • We dated for a year and a half. We had a great relationship and he led me to believe that he could go without sex. But that was a lie. He cheated on me because he needed to get it from "someone". At least thats what he claims. So i messed up and gave in one day. I was a silly little teen and I wanted him all to myself, so i gave in and gave it up. I really didn't like sex and the painful feeling of the first time, so I told him we wouldn't continue after that. He claimed it was cool, but then he cheated again because I decided to no longer have sex. After that, i broke up with him. I gave my all and yet he still wasn't willing to commit. Waste of time and I broke my pact of celibacy. But yep since then i have been single and celibate for 4 years now. I hate being single but a lot of people aren't down with the celibacy now a day.

  • Not really I only had one date with a guy. In 3 weeks thats too soon for me but if you seen him more then once then its clear he knows what hewants. How did it happen I want this guy to be my bf soon

    • We just like hung out a lot and had a lot in common haha he seemed to reeally like me! We clicked well

    • Oh ok thats great. If you think its too soon be dating first