Why is it so bad for me to look after and pay for myself?

when i go on dates i hate it when a guy pays for me i feel crap but when i try to tell them i will pay for myself they get mad i just dont know what to do why is it so bad for me to look after and pay for myself


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  • You could find some middle ground by saying you'll pay your way next time, assuming you both wanna see each other again. There's nothing wrong with pride, and from there side since it is a date that's just what they may feel they should do and/or wanna do.


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  • General gentlemanly predisposition I suppose, I always insist on paying for a first date. Been an aspect of chivalry for years. Let him pay when he insists but always ask if he's sure and make sure you hold your ground about paying sometimes too

  • Its a date, Hardly 10-15 bucks.

    Who cares who pay. There are lot bigger things than paying for dates you guys, Chill on this shit and for your question.

    Let em be mad. If they are pissed at that, dont go second time and just pay and leave. Duh


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