How did you hook up with your first same-sex partner?

I'll go first! But honestly, my first hurt me so bad that I've tried so hard to forget him, and it was some time ago, I've forgotten how we got together, but 2nd was far more real and thats what counts! So i met him through a game i played some years back, before i knew it we had been talking for a year via Skype and I was really tempted to try to hook up with him, was still reeling from my break up as i remember. He kind of pushed the issue, for a few days, asking me how interested i was in him. He had never had a bf before and so at first it started off as an experiment to see if i could "turn him gay" or what not. One day he told me "so are you going to say it? or you going to ask me" or someone akin to that. and it at the time was an opportunity to start my experiment ( i never would have done so if there wasn't a chance that i might really fall for him of course, i'm not cold hearted like that!) so i... asked him out? (maybe?) and thus an experiment turned into a 2year long-distance relationship.


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  • I asked her out a few months after i met her. I was so nervous. I was gonna kiss her but i was so nervous so i just grabbed het hand and asked her if i could date her

  • Sorry, can't help here. I'm as straight as unboiled pasta.


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