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This guy has been emailing and texting me for 6 months. He came and met me at a mutual friends night out. He stayed til the early hours just cuddling me, didn't try it on. Still message all the time and had a couple of calls. We mention doing stuff but he's never asked me out. What's going on? He's single


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  • Some guys just have a hard time crossing that line. They have no problem running right to it, but when it comes time to reveal their feelings and tell a woman how they feel, they just can't do it.


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  • Well madam, it could be that he may still be thinking things over. Have you ever considered asking him out yourself? If so then I would suggest quite possibly doing that if you feel you would like to have relations with him.

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  • Honestly, you're pretty lucky. He seems like a keeper if he actually cuddled with you all night and didn't try anything. I'm not even sure if I could do that, and I'm not as sex crazy as most people. He's probably just nervous or shy.


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