This is a definite no, not interested right?

Hooked up with this guy last week, didn't have sex, we've been texting he added me as a friend on Facebook - bit of flirting going on. I asked him if he had been to this restaurant and if he wanted to go for dinner tonight? he replied that he couldn't sorry he's got a work function on tonight... didn't say lets do it another time or anything... so anyway.

I just want to hear it from some guys...if you were interested would you suggest another time for dinner (oh and he's only in town for 2 months - so doesn't really know anywhere, which is why I asked him - normally I wouldn't have)


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  • IDK, it could definently be work, and he just was not thinking...

    The general rule guys use is if a lady has an excuse for one date, and doesn't suggest another, we give it one more shot, if another excuse arises, we just get the message and move on. But one incidence is not really enough to say whether he is blowing you off, or just busy. Give it a few days, and next time you are free, ask again.


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  • He could well be telling the truth and not every thinks that quickly ha ha maybe you should just suggested to have a causal lunch or a coffee some time.