I want a promise ring.. buuut?

So my boyfriend and I have been on and off for about 3 years now.. Most of the times it wouldn't work because I we both had to much pride.. recently, we've really worked on it.. it's better and throughout the years he's always talked about us getting married. He has always planned a future with me, and I'm not why this time it feels so different like it can happen, but I want a promise ring. We live an hour and a half away from each other (different colleges). I want to be able to feel that comfort, and I want it in the form of a pretty little ring lol. i want to be able to hear him say it when I look at it.. so, questions are, 1.) is this bad of me? to want one? and 2.) should i just come out and tell him or wait for it to be his idea?


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  • You can hint it to him and see what happens to ensure that he does it 100% willingly and not because of being "pressuried" by you. What is more important is whether you really live in his heart and not the material thing. If rings/wedding rings can promise happiness, there would be no more break-ups and divorces in the world :D
    I wish you happiness. GOD luck :)

    • as bohemianchleopatra mentioned, my mans pretty clueless :p thank you though, material things aren't important.. i like them more as a.. reference? :p

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  • Promise rings are a bad idea, having to ask for him to get you one is even worse. Just relax and let whatever happens, happen.


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  • I think you should flat out tell him what he wants because some guys can be clueless to signs and everything and may not notice a lot i think a promise ring would be good because it will make u feel secure of him being faithful while he's at another college i think this is a relationship that will work out you guys aren't to far away to where you can't ever see each other i think he will agree to this idea especially if he's considering a life with u or sees a future with you

    • i agree! completely agree... i just dont want him to feel.. pressured?

    • Just tell him in time you think a promise ring would be a good idea hun so he doesn't feel pressure or the need to get it right away