I'm about to lose my girlfriend please help!?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and we're in junior year of highschool. She said she loves me and cares but recently said she needs space and time. I said ok and we were on the same page and thanked me for that and I haven't been giving her that and it's been a month and I bearly realized and I feel bad. She then said she lost interest in me because I'm too clingy and needy and we don't have time to miss eachother and we always talk 24/7 and she feels like she can't do anything and she said all I have to do to be together is to stop choking her because she feels like she's trapped against a wall and I'm gonna give her space now. I feel bad of being clingy, she gave me another chance and I how can I stop being clingy and give her space and make her love me
Again and make her gain feelings for me again, I have jealousy problems and I'm scared she'll leave me but now I don't and I have faith she won't and I trust her and yesterday I asked her if she loves me and she said she does and she cares too. I want to be the best boyfriend possible and redeem myself so I won't lose her. I also believe our relationship for kind of boring because we talk everyday non stop for a year and we do the same things a lot continuously. How can I also spark the relationship again and make it not boring? She said I can still kiss her and things but I just have to limit it. How can I love her and show I care without smothering her?


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  • people love a chase. if your always there she can't miss you she can't want you. Your making it too easy for her. Go find you for a bit, get to your 100% you.


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  • Your gonna have to give her space man. Like literally. Tell her to call you when she's ready cause like to be there for her and show her affection. What boyfriends are supposed to do. It's kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't situation so you might as well respect her wishes.

    • Thanks :) It's better to give her space for a while then to lose her forever. I know she loves me and trusts me, I guess I got too paranoid and got scared she'll leave me. If I love her id give her space. Thanks for making me realize !

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  • Go find something to do to occupy yourself.
    If it's not meant to be then it's not meant to be.