Hey guys do you think I hav a chance with a girl who rejected me?weird thing is she still talks to me casually?

i have a huge crush on her and want to know if i stand a chance to get romantically involved with her?


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  • You owe it to yourself to find out. Ask her to hangout and see how it goes.


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  • There is like no information here to go off of. So I have no clue. Sometimes girls play hard to get but I can't tell if that's what's going on with no details

    • well its i long story ill send u a message

  • You never know but I really can't say how long ago did she reject you

    • well lets i proposed on January this year and she said no den we became "jus friends" den we din see each other for a while so again we started talkin during the may-june time but den we got absorbed into work so she stopped coming to the class we take together and ya im gonna met her sept 25th can u give me any pointers?

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  • Negative. Don't waste your time or energy brotha. Life ain't no Hollywood romcom homie. Once a female has made up her mind to reject you, you are done. For good. Ain't no comin' back.

    • really man appreciate ur comment but is there really no way?
      im hell in love wit her

    • Well how long have you known her for? You're already in love with her? Maybe you should take this time to pump the brakes, step back and reevaluate your situation man.

      The only thing a guy can do in your situation is nothing. If you try to continue telling her how you feel that will only push her further away. Telling her you're cool with being friends won't work either as you've already played your hand, and besides you don't wanna be her friend.

      At this point, I wouldn't even contact her anymore. If she hits you up, then it's all on you. But wait for her to contact you if anything. She needs to be the one to initiate here now. Just don't fall prey to the dreaded friend-zone. Nine times outta 10, when this type of thing goes down, the relationship (friendship) fizzles out fairly fast.

    • i was in a situation similar to this and its exactly as socal says. chances are youve already been "friend zoned"