I caught my boyfriend texting 3 other girls. What should I do?

The other night while my boyfriend was asleep, I looked through his phone and found loads of texts to girls saying things like gorgeous and do you want to come round mine and stuff like that. I feel so hurt and keep comparing myself to these girls, its horrible. I can't forget it, its just there in my mind. However, he said there was nothing in these mesgs, it didn't mean nothing and that he loves me. So I forgave him and have taken him back because I love him and feel so weak with out him. Even though he's hurt me, I still needed his touch and just wanted a cuddle. Now though, I feel like a mug but I can't be without him. He's a ladies man and very flirty, I feel like the trust has just gone. What should I do?

please help me, I'm so frustrated!


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  • I've had a similar situation like this in my early days of dating, the only difference being the girls I was texting and interacting to were actually my girlfriend's friends, and she used them to test if I was really faithful to her because I was popular a guy (I still am where I am :D ). I didn't know any better, because loads of girls would just get my number somewhere and text me, so I had no idea these 2 girls were actually helping my girlfriend at the time. She confronted me, and I said those text didn't mean much and told her I loved her, but she was so hurt that she wouldn't even talk to me for so long.

    In this case, I think that he does have feelings for you, but he also wants to get the other girls; I think it's part of a guy's nature that just about any guy would take the chance to view himself as a ladies man, or even date two girls at the same time if he can. I don't know much what he said to the other girls, but I do know this much: he is not 100% loyal to you.

    You can punish him in some sort of way, or perhaps you could leave him; what you do is totally up to you, girl ;)


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  • Don't be frustrated, you are saying he is a ladies man! So you either keep your self there in the place of the girl who get back to at the end of day to sleep with or you strike him right into the head and dump him girl.

    There is nothing you can do about it, either he change and be faithful to you and only you or you which is really hard or accept the situation you are in and being in this unfair relationship and be with him in spite of the fact that he may be cheating on you if not for sure.

    Who knows! May be if you dumped him he would re-estimate your relationship and become a faithfull guy for you. Good luck :-)

  • Well if you can't trust him then leave him, personally you shouldn't have looked through his personal property in the first place, and forget about all that crap about you being weak without him and such, you were perfectly fine without him before, I say if you can't trust them then why are you with them.

  • I think you should confront him about it and have him choose between them or you. There are plenty of good guys out there and you don't need a player.


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  • leave him. My ex did similar, I found him in a pub with a girl heads close together.

    I know it hurts. I went through so much pain but you come out stronger and now I'm in a relationship with a guy who adores me and would never do anything like that and I'm so proud of myself for forcing myself to move on as I would never of found him.

    Go to you're friends, ask if you can go with them when they meet friends of theirs that you don't know and you'll soon forget whats-his-face xD

  • I would ask him about the texts, if he says he does not know what your talking about I would break up with him. You don't need someone who lies and/ or cheats on you.