Should I wait until he makes the next move?

I met this guy on a night out and we we're talkin to each other as if we had known each other years and had a great time together. He text me saying things like he hasn't had a great time like that with a girl in a long time and he asked me to go on a date soon. I'm just out of a relationship about over a month so I'm not use to this dating situation.. i said yes to the date but how do i play hard to get but not drift him away? I was textin him last night and he told me he'd text me tomorrow so should i wait til he texts me? Any suggestions/advice is welcome!!


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  • If he said he would text you, why not just wait a little bit for that text. You texting right away again might seem pushy / desperate (which you aren't, right?) so leave it to him. If he doesn't text today or tomorrow, try texting again. If you don't get anything somewhat soon after that, I'd forget about him.

    You know, you could always just call him up today if you really like him too.


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  • Wait till he texts you! He will want the chase. Don't let him kiss on the first date either! Guys like when you play the hard to get game and if you cut it short then it's a giant turn off. Pull through and be hard to get until he gains the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend and wether you say yes or no is your choice