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Well there's this guy he's 5 years older than me i'm 16 and he's 21. Is that okay? what do u think guys in love does that matter? is that bad? and this guy was my friend- like sisters boyfriend who told me that she had left him and he was really upset then now they've broken up because he asked me out and we've argued and broken up too also he would have left me anyways because she came back and he had told me that he would've told her to F off if she did come back. anyways I still love him and don't think i can move on.. I had told my friend what had happened thats why the broke up and she was gratefull i had told her. now they've broken up really and there's no chance of them getting back together but i still have feelings for him. is there any chance I can make it work? he actually blames me for them breaking up but in real it wasn't my fault


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  • I think the age difference at your age is too much. Your in high learning how to drive and he's graduating college. That's a pretty big difference. I can't imagine it would last and I doubt your parents would be okay with you dating a guy about to graduate college when you are still in high school.

    • your right, but i really don't know what to do I mean imagine if i was to be 23 and he was 28 would that still matter? I actually do love him and i just don't know what to do now

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    • Yep your right I need to move on and forget all this somehow, thank you x

    • it's really hard :(

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  • I've been in your situation before (as in dating a guy that was 20, I was 15 at the time) it didn't work out because all he wanted was sex. Guys around 20-21 or even older have different maturity levels sometimes and perspective on things. Verses a 15, 16 or even 17 year old girl.

    • Yep your right, but i really don't understand what to do now because I have feelings for him :(

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    • yup :( I agree, your absolutely right and thank you so much x

    • you're very welcome!! Keep your head up!