What would u do In this situation?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 9 months now. Anyways, I went to his house and I saw picture on his wall of his ex girlfriend -_- I didn't say anything about it until later on.. He eventually took down the picture. The thing is he won't ever take any pictures with me.. EVER! Then 1 month ago his ex girlfriend texted him and said " We should hang out sometime" He said "Yeah, sounds good :)" I trust him. But, not her.. Lmao. If that makes any sense.

Background information: He has called a girl gorgeous when he was still with me... for no reason at all! I talked to him about that. He was pretty mad at himself over it.. It was hard to really trust him all the way since then.


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  • I don't see a problem here, personally, but what you should do is tell him what he does that makes you uncomfortable. He clearly doesn't see anything that he's doing as wrong (as it is all opinion based).

    For example when I'm dating a woman and we are out together, I actually grab my woman's attention and say "Damn, look at that girl ass!" That's the type of guy I am and clearly I see nothing wrong with it.

    As such, BECAUSE you have a problem with that type of thing, you need to TELL him that it makes you uncomfortable. I'm sure he'd be interested in making you less uncomfortable.


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  • He wants to get back with his ex. Who has a girlfriend for 9 months and still has a picture of their ex hanging up. You say you trust him but then you say its hard to trust him since he called another girl gorgeous? I think it would be best to break it off before you get hurt.

  • cheater, break up


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  • Being he is still young, Shylovesyou, he is also immature, a mere adolescent, wet behind the ears And of course-----Fickle as a pickle, if I may so. And it's nothing you've done, nothing Much you Can do except either stick it out with him and suck up his silly boy antics Or-------Give him his walking papers, find someone who doesn't look at 'Gorgeous girls,' and Not have to put up with being a Rebound Rebecca with someone who is still googling his Ex by Still finding he has need to "Yeah, sounds good."
    You may say you 'Trust him' in One sense with the Ghost from the past, but it's actually the Situation you shouldn't 'Trust' One bit. It starts with One thing, ends up to be quite another, and the next thing you know-----They are Both these two birds of a feather again.
    Do some soul searching. Don't set yourself up to get hurt. Have a little chat with this chap and lay a few ground rules down. If you stand for This, then you will Stoop for whatever poop he decides to throw your way in the future.
    Good luck. xx