Girl I was getting close with all of a sudden blocked my number? I dont understand why?

Me and this girl have known each other for about two years now. For the first year she was off and on with this boy who got her pregnant. Well during the couple months they weren't together me and her started to get feelings for each other, she would shown signs of interest like calling me names and being mean but then staring at me and saying my name alot. I even asked her out on a date and she agreed to go but I got scared and bluffed. And after she got back with her bf and things got alittle awkward between us but we still seen each other every day until she decided to move in with him at his mothers house after the baby was born. Then we really didn't see each other for awhile but we still texted everyday until a weekend ago we seen each other and spent the weekend together and it was really nice and we bonded like we used to. After she left the next day I texted her and said it was good seeing her again and she said yes it was good seeing you too. And then she didn't text me back for like three days and I tried calling her to check up on her and it rang twice and went to voice mail. And I know that as the ring when your blocked so I dont understand what I did wrong? Someone help me understand this.


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  • 1) you flaked on your date
    2) she's back with her bf


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  • Could be a couple of things, one of them being that her boyfriend that is also the father of her child finally put his foot down.

    • I think maybe she was starting to catch feelings and they were getting deeper and deeper and she thought it was best for her current relationship to stop talking to me for awhile. Or he seen her messages to me and told her to stop or whatever would happen