I asked him why he hasn't texted me?

Been seeing this guy for 4 months , than all of a sudden he did the "fade away" I have been ininating texts with him last time I even asked him to get together. Since the time I've asked him to get together which was over a week ago he hasn't texted me. He's been responding back to my snapchats tho , everytime I post about food he snaps back "I'm hungry " stuff like that. So finally today I had enough and wrote " what u can snap me but not text me " he wrote look who's talking lol. Like are you kidding me your a 30 year man you should be texting me first ! Ugh any opinions on this?


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  • Tricky, but it does sound a bit like he is starting to ghost on you. You need to lay your cards on the table and basically say you want a relationship with a person, who is going to be available in person. Snapchat is not an acceptable communication system for maintaining a relationship. If you were just at the initial, pre-dating flirts, maybe. But not after dating for 4 months.

    You are going to have to push the issue or he will ghost for sure.

  • "Like are you kidding me your a 30 year man you should be texting me first ! "

    Forget TEXTING, CALL him, if he's not calling you, forget him.


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