This guy asked me to come visit and then never got back to me? What should I do?

This guy I was seeing for a bit moved away. We've stayed in touch as friends and the other day he asked me to come visit him in less than a week. I told him I'd look into it and I told him the flight was soo expensive I aske if we could split it. All he said was possibly and let's talk about it tommorow. He hasn't texted me since and it's been three days. The date he asked me to come up for is in less than a week. I'm very hurt because I took his request seriously and I asked him if he was serious about it too. He said he was. Why hasn't he got back to me is it because he's doesn't want to pay or because he's not sure anymore. I'm not even sure if I should text him or not. It's making me really mad. What should I do?


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  • Just forget about him, it sounds like he can't stick with the commitment that he made with you, move on unless he gets back in touch with you


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  • I had that happen to me with a guy. He was my best friend for 6 years and he moved to Alberta. He was your average hot, skinny, BMXing, weed smoker, drinker kinda guy, But being friends with him for so long that never bugged me because he was still the sweet heart I met... Well he asked for me to go up west and stay a week with him, and I haven't traveled outside of Ontario in years so thought "why not wanna split?" not that I didn't have the money I just didn't want to spend that much, he said sure than kinda ignored it when the day came so I just bought in myself and went up...

    First day was fun and amazing, but than I started to realize he just wanted me there for sex. Of course because I was in love with him I did it, and when I went home I realized that, that's all he wanted because that's still all he talks about to this day since I left. He even asked me to go up again and he will pay for the whole thing...

    To be honest, I would watch yourself on that one. You are going to a different place, to see a guy, that you don't know well, you don't want anything to happen or people take advantage of you. NOW I could be wrong about the whole thing, and he might actually want to see you to hangout, Just don't go spending money for a plane ticket if you are not sure what's on the other side of that plane.