My boyfriend won't talk to me... Is he mad at me or simply not noticing me?

I'm supposed to go out with him tomorrow, and we usually talk everyday 24/7! But we haven't talked since two days ago and when I say hi or ask him a question over text he reads the text and doesn't respond!


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  • Is there anything that took place that would make him get upset?

    • His friends don't like that he hangs out with me much and I don't know if his friends said anything!

    • Been there done that. I had a friend who started going out with this lady and she ended up getting jealous because he wanted to hang out with us. We were like 15 when she met him she was about 37 with at least 4 kids I think more actually.

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  • Just be honest with him. Send him a text, or call him, saying "hey, I haven't heard from you for two days, and I'm starting to wonder if everything is okay."