Do you think the dating scene gets better for men than it is for women as people age into their 30s?

*I've heard multiple theories on this, some say its equally as challenging regardless of what age. But some studies suggest older men appear more attractive to younger women.
*Women between 16 and 25 usually have the upper hand due to their youth. However after 30, single men their age are more likely to pursue younger women.


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  • I would say that's probably true. It just depends on what theories you read. Women typically want to date older, and the dating pool decreases among those men, so it makes sense that it would get harder for us. Whereas the pool of young women is usually always big, so older men have more to choose from when dating younger.

    It also has something to do with some men wanting to date from the same age pool regardless of how old they get (18-29 or what have you). So the older women are left out. However, even though the much older men are searching for women in those age ranges, doesn't mean they're succeeding. Women like to date older, but the majority of 18-25 yr old women do not want to date 40+ yr old guys unless money is a focus. So while those men may just choose to stay single instead of give women their own age a chance, it doesn't mean they're succeeding any more.

    I would say guys in late 20's through mid 30's are in their dating "prime" and are in a better position than women in those ages.

    • Dang I can't wait to hit on some younger women I am 30. I get passed up on now but my time is coming. I can feed some 22 year old's ego for a little bit before moving on to another one. I can settle down at 35, ; )

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    • Wow lol...

    • I know its genius, I am having moral conflicts about it now, : ( , but hopefully my sensitivity will fade. "Loneliness will make a man hollow."


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  • I get hit on all the time now. When I was under 25, guys made passes but it's nowhere close to whats happening now.
    When I was younger guys stared or were more sexual in their come ons. It was very clear they just wanted to screw.
    Now guys will have long conversations with me, and are more persistent about taking me on a date. And they are more forward and pour on the compliments.
    It might have more to do with the fact I know who I am and have WAY more confidence at 35 than I had when I was say 16-25.

    • Wow, that's interesting. : )

    • Yeah younger girls are sexy, but insecure and annoying until they mature around 30

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  • from the answers I've seen on G@G and a few real life experiences, the younger crowd of women tend to find some attraction in the older crowd of men. and its most likely because of age and maturity difference, and at the time its what the girl wants. and I think that girls can find that somewhat very attractive, attractive enough to date. and for guys, maybe they just want a younger girl lol.

    • Yeah we don't want a used, old, and beat up car if we can afford a new one with a lot of mileage, : )

  • Not sure, for me I've been told I aged like wine? Lol
    But I can't seem to get a date anymore, not as easily as I used to.

    Yet women tell me I look more attractive now, when women guess my age.. I get a lot of mid 20s guess

    I gave up on getting dates

  • I am just guessin ghere but I would say the older men are more confident. Confidence is always a strong factor in the dating scene. The younger guy may have youth on his side but experience and confidence goes to the older guy.

    • True and a good point; but older women are probably more confident to but their younger counterparts seem to still have a lot more success.

    • Yes but the older women become more careful then the men and a lot more picky. Men are still men after all.

  • Individual experiences can vary but in average yes, without question.

    If you're an older broke guy or a woman who was a very late bloomer it wouldn't seem that way.

  • Yes it's biology

  • apparently this is what seems to be the case