Ok girls, what are you thinking about dating indian guys?

hi, i am an indian guy came in u. s. a in work purposes. seems like it has been a year i am staying here & during this time i make lot of friends here.. i go out with my friends in bars, clubs, parties etc.. i have seen here many couples like black guy white girl, Asian guy black girl, but still haven't seen indian guy white girl couple..! so i just want to know "what you girls think of dating us?"& what you think "the possibility of dating girls here for us if u live in u. s. a,,?"now i am giving some tips about me.. i am tall, slim body, light brown skin with black hair, quite good looking, funny, smart guy..& i know how to make a girl laugh.. sooo i am waiting for your replies... thanks in advance!


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  • Depends on his personality! i dont care about whats on the outside! i care more on how a guy would treat me! and i am a white girl.


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  • I'm mixed and I'm attracted to Indian guys especially the sexy ones you just don't know. Now u seem nice so far. But me personally I did like black guys and they cheated on me and chose other girls over me. Than I liked mixed guys they like a certain race than Hispanics I wouldn't show them what they wanted so they stoped talking to me
    So my last hope is Indian guys but I want the guy for me to love me for me.

  • I am a black girl and I have dated an indian boy. I think they are sweet and caring boys. The very traditional family is the problem.

  • I don't know I'm not usually attracted to Indian guys.

    • oh, its ok! i know its natural that you prefer your race most... i just wonder if get any chance to get a girl outside of my race... alright thanks for sharing your thoughts... :)

  • I'll be honest with you. Most girls I know (including myself) would never date an indian man. I'm not just talking about white girls - in fact, most Asian and indian girls themselves avoid indian men like the plague. They may, however, be willing to be your friend or be nice to you. They may politely tell you that it all depends on the personality more than the race or looks. They're just trying not to hurt your feelings. If you really want to know if they're interested in dating indian men, then make a tinder account with an indian male model, and I can guarantee you that he still wouldn't get as many matches as a less than average white man.

    • hmm, i think you are right.. & your words make me little sad but i am not one of those guys who give up without doing anything... when i was in india i dated many girls their. so, i have good knowledge how to impress girls... soo, i just wanna give a try... if lucks favor then defiantly i am able to get a white girl as my g/f!!! besides, thanks for giving me your opinion...& by the way to read your reply i feel that you are nice... :)

    • Is it because of the lack of attraction?

  • I am a white girl and I would date an indian guy, just like I would date any other guy that I liked. Actually, I've been in love with an indian guy before.
    Now, I would be careful dating an indian man, just because their families are usually very traditional and even if they don't want to get their son an arranged marriage, they'll still want an indian girl, so she's fully aware and into the indian traditions and culture. So if things get serious, this could be an issue in some cases. I believe this is the main reason why American girls don't go much for the indian guys.

    • This would be true...

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    • hm, i understand but now a days indian parents are more frank then before... they actually dont mind if their son gets any relationship with another race.. because india is now being modern day by day... in case of my parents, they actually dont mind if i date any girl from outside!!! otherwise thanks for sharing your feelings about this matter...

    • Well, that would be the only reason I can think of, that could make white girls not go for indian guys.. I hope people will stop thinking that way! Good luck :)

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