Are koreans girls open to have a SERIOUS relationship with canadians? Are they usually interested, or completly against it?

Are koreans girls open to date foreigner? mainly in seoul? and also, are koreans mostly materialist, or thats false rumors?


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  • I have a Korean friend here in Canada.. She just broke up with her Canadian boyfriend.. She really loves her boyfriend but her boyfriend cheated on her.. She is not materialist at all.. She is sweet, smart, funny and loyal... I think she is too nice that's why her boyfriend took advantage of her..
    She said something like most Koreans like her, loves foreigners if the guy loves and accepts not only her, but her culture (Korean), food, family, etc. as well..
    The problem she encountered was that mostly Canadian men she dated does not care about learning Korea/Korean (it disappointed her) because that is important to her and to most Korean ladies she said.

    So if you are planning to date Korean, I suggest you must show interest not only to her, but to her culture as well (from food, language, family, etc.). In that way, she will feel that you really like her :)


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  • The more modern girls are definitely open to that. They generally lovvvve foreigners esp white guys. Be careful tho some are just looking for that green card and want marriage. But ultimately it depends on the girl. And if you're in Seoul you're definitely in the right place!

  • why don't you straight-up ask a Korean girl from south Korea. It's easy to find one in person. Just ask, then leave.
    Korean women are all different. There are half-Korean and half-white babies in Canada.
    Asian women like foreigners, but it depends on what race the foreigner is

  • I'm Japenese (East Asian just like Korean) and I'm dating a Canadian (not that serious though). It's not about "Korean girls" it's about that particular girl. I know a lot of Korean who would only have a serious relationship with another Korean. Almost all Korean girls who would date Whites are materialist (gold diggers). don't listen to all of the lies like "we would date everyone based on their personality blah blah" because let's be realistic that is BS.


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