Does he just want sex or is he romantically interested?

There is this guy that I've known for like 3 years and about a year ago I picked him up after he had been drinking too much and he basically asked me to have sex with him, I did make out with him just because I have always thought he was so hot, but declined on the sex and took him home. Then almost a year later we met up for coffee and I wasn't expecting him to pay but he did and now a few months later we just went out to lunch together and he paid again even when I offered to pay for mine too because we never established it being a date... at lunch he asked me to come over later that night after work to watch a movie and so I said yes but didn't get to go over until really late. We watched the movie laying in his bed, and he instantly was spooning me and kissing my head and ear while occasionally putting his hand on my ass and across my waist but never tried to initiate sex or more than literally one kiss on the lips... then he fell asleep about 20 minutes into the movie for the rest of the time and then when I said I was going to head home after it was over he was like "well come here and cuddle with me some more" and so we did and then I just went home and he texted me this morning saying sorry for falling asleep which I told him I appreciated. I do not know of any other girls in his life but I know he gets around in the bedroom department and he has always been a flirty guy so do you think he is just looking for some one to cure his loneliness or just wants to have sex or do you think he wants more?


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  • This is difficult to say. I would continue seeing him and see what happens from here. You can always have a casual but serious conversation to gauge where you guys are at.

    • can you give an example on how you would start out such a conversation?

    • Ask him where he is at in terms of relationships with other girls. You can do this while cuddling or while at lunch etc... and he will get the hint. If not, just continue the conversation and be like oh what are you looking for in a relationship? Then he will tell you if he is looking or not, or he just wants to have fun, etc...

    • thanks for the advise!


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  • You need to be clear on what you want before you can ask an appropriate question of him. Do you see him as boyfriend material? Do you want FWB? Casual sex when you're horny and nothing more? When you have answered those questions for yourself, then ask him what he wants. If the pays for lunch, ask "is this a date?" Also, if you go to a guy's home and watch a movie on his bed rather than the couch, he might somehow (duh!) interpret that you would be into more than a movie.


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  • Hmm something just tells that he's not taking you seriously. I could be wrong though