She seemed like she was intrested at first then blew me off twice?

So me and this girl were txtin back and forth. And I asked her out. And she was said yea but then went out of town. Then the following week I asked her out again and she said yea then the day of she said she was goin to see her family. So I said it was cool. She said we'll talk talk later and I dint reply, and still havnt and it's been almost 4 days since then. I'm not sure what to do at this point I am dating other girls but I liked this one a little bit more. I am goin out with someone els this weekend. And I'm not sure if I should give her another chance.


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  • She's not interested. Trust me. She just doesn't want to come out and say it. If any girl is interested in meeting you and she keeps canceling and she isn't texting you back she is not interested. I'd just focus on getting to know your other dates more.


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  • well if you like her more than the others you should leave all of the other women out of it and only pursue her, and makes your intentions known. Tell her how you feel.

    • Yea. I'm kind of a player, and these other girls I've went out with I know I don't really like them. And this girl, we havnt went out yet. Just wen our friends get together. And I did blow off one of the girls I was goin out with just to make time for her...

    • Then you have your answer I suppose right that you should maybe stop being the player and be the guy she can trust