How do you stop a bf from being clingy?

My bf just kissed me today and keeps non stop texting me and snapchating me how do I make him stop being clingy without sayingastop being so clingy


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  • "how do I make him stop being clingy without sayingastop being so clingy"
    You frigin don't!
    okay, you don't need to be so harsh like that. The point is to tell him what's enough. Make it clear when it's ok and not to text you. Also, know that clingyness often comes from insecurity, so you might want to consider doing something to reasure you care (not replying doesn't achieve that). Do something "bigger" than you usually do, like maybe plan a better date or plan an entire weekend where it's just you two? Just remember that boys tend to be more physical than girls, so sweet words and promises does NOT work unless you actually live up to them.

    TL:DR set clear boundaries for when and how often it's apropriate to text, and try doing something to make him feel less insecure about the relationship.


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  • Just start subtly. Ie/ if he msg's you at work or school, say something like "that's sweet but I'm in class now" or whatever the event and try to work out periods of the day where he knows you can't/won't get to your phone

  • Normally when someone feels insecure in the relationship they get clingy. If you pull away he will feel even more insecure. You could try to make him feel more secure somehow. This would be more of a long term goal. In the shot term it is very hard to make someone more confident in their relationship.


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  • Don't respond to everything - when he asks why, just say you don't feel like you have to talk all. day and like some space. That should give him a sufficient hint.