How to talk to a girl that stares in public? (girls)?

I always catch girls staring at me in public or even smiling at me sometimes. (NOT trying to be cocky) but I don't know how to approach them or what to say? :l lol help me please & give me examples on how to approach a girl. Thanks!


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  • Easy. Smile back kindly, walk over and once you've maintained eye contact say something like, "How are you?" and try to engage in some small talk like asking why she's in town today or something. Take it from there.

  • This happens to me a lot. I am a pretty good looking girl and when I see a guy I think is cute I always try to smile at him but he never does anything beyond that. Why do you guys do that? lol.. I'm typically waiting for you/guys to say hi and say something that will break the ice. You should come up with something clever and funny as a go-to ice breaker and use that every time. If she smiles at you.. she's letting you know it's okay to approach her.

    • Maybe cause we're not used to going up to random people haha , But since guys have that pressure of it being on them to break the ice i guess thats what holds me back , but i'll work on it ! 😊 lol

  • first approaching someone is always the hardest part, girls feel the exact same way as you're feeling. Chances are if she's smiling at you and looking at you then she could be interested, but is too shy herself to go talk to you. Honestly if you just go up to her and try to start a conversation any way you can then she will totally be into your confident attitude. Girls love confident, but not cocky, guys.


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