Haven't heard from my current boyfriend in days, I'm not the same girl I used to be?

So I just recently got back together with my ex. When we were together before, I did all of the chasing. Well just recently he came over to my house and we had a good time. Since then I haven't heard from him, ( its been a few days) I hope he's not expecting me to do all the chasing anymore. I want to feel loved and wanted too. Do I just keep holding off contact with him until he contacts me? I'm not going to set my heart up to being broken again.


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  • You aren't the same but maybe he still is. He never had to try before, why would that change now?

    • Not saying he shouldn't try, I'm just thinking that this is his mindset.

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    • Well he got the email and I had to explain to him my feelings over the phone. He got upset and frustrated. Should I just break it off?

    • Personally, yes. Like I said, I don't think exes change and he's getting upset with you over explaining your feelings. Something that bothers you, that's not a good sign.


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  • Sounds like you got used as a booty call. Whether you chose to let that continue or not, is up to you.


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  • Yes! I hate to feel like I'm chasing a man. Because to me it feels like I'm always bothering him. I think you should just text or call and tell him that you feel like you're chasing him.