How to know if he likes you?

I've been liking my crush for over a year, I see him looking at me sometimes and he have been teasing me a lot, he told me he liked me last summer, now I'm unsure since its a new school year, he still talks to me and teases me and looks at me, the last girl he liked he asked her out, but if he likes me now why won't he ask me out, is it because guys are nervous around certain girls? What's the deal here? I want to know if he likes me and I want to know signs if he does and why isn't he asking me out.


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  • I'm having a similar problem as well so I can totally relate, but if you guys have history and he liked you before then it is definitely a possibility that he still has feelings for you. People don't lose feelings for someone that easily. I guess when you talk to him try and see if he seems interested in the convo and smiles and laughs a lot. If he doesn't then maybe he has moved on.

    • Lately he have been nice and sits next to me a lot.


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  • it could be nerves i mean asking a girl out can be really scary at times as guys including myself tend to overthink things and get really nervous about what the girl will say etc etc

    • Lately he have been nice and sitting next to me a lot.

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  • Maybe he tried to make u jelous with that girl
    But on the other hand
    If he could ask her, he could you too, he kad time to do so
    Or again, maybe he is afraid that he will reject you wiTh confession