My female friend brought flowers and balloons with a card for me at my graduation?

I think she brought it because she felt sorry for me because my father is dead , i never told her but she saw a paper four years ago with me , before the graduation she said your father is not here right , i didn't have a good relationship with my father in fact i was happy he is dead , but i dont know did she brought is because she is feeling sorry because she only brought balloons to her other friends , also every time i go to her office she just hug me tight , but she always tell me she is engaged so i know she is not interested , i just want to know why she brought it?


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  • I think to show that she is your true friend. And as you mentioned, she usually hugs you when you go to her office and she always said she's engaged, so it's sure that she wanna show that she's your true and best friend.


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  • She may think you are in more pain about your father not being around than you actually are. Maybe because that is how she would feel in your situation.