How to flirt or turn a guy on over text without being obvious? :)?

Any suggestions will be great :)


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  • Texting is overrated and absolutely a terrible way to communicate over emotion driven matters. It can get people into trouble where someone might be thinking you are sending a sarcastic comment when in reality you are being serious.

    Anyways, you should definitely CALL HIM. Words that can be related to parts of your body would work. Like how wet you are, how your butt or breasts bounce (if you have either) or anything related to your face. Just use adjectives relating to your features and implement them into conversations you have with him. It is fairly difficult to understand at first, but it will become second nature to you.


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  • Stop texting and call. At one time phones where used to talk to people and he will probably get more turned on from the tone of your voice that some words on a screen


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  • Flirting through text is a little hard. I don't even try to flirt through text anymore xD I don't know about turning a guy on though... never tried that and never will... well maybe... like when I get older or get a boyfriend... I don't know.. lol