Put a heart in my note?

this girl i like left me a card for my birthday, she wrote a pretty long note and at the end put a winking smiley face and then heart "her name" is this just being friendly or something more


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  • She probably likes you too :)


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  • I would say she likes you more than a friend way! If you are still not sure check with others to see what she has done before for other birthday cards for guys. That should confirm on what you are thinking!

    But if it was me I would only write a long note with a winky and heart if I liked the guy or if I was good friends with him.


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  • Uhh, well ever since 7th grade up to 10th grade I signed everyone's yearbook with a heart. Everyone. Even the random people in the hall who let me sign their yearbook. I think it's funny when girls take it seriously (or guys) and I just want to let everyone know I love them (cause I do).

    In 11th I started only signing with hearts to people I really loved, like my good friends and my crush.

    Anyway, it could be friendly, it might not be. I'd say you could tell easier just from reading what she said in the note.