Wrong number?

Would u get mad if your bf/gf texted u by accident talking about how the date went lol its a joke text but would u get upset what would u do? lol


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  • i would have a panic attack, so dont do jokes like that

    • I did and now he's mad at me but he said he didn't care what I do so why is he mad now I guess for hiding his feelings I lose 😞

    • because guys take things seriously as its not a joke (for something said like that from a girl) as if a girl is acting like she's joking to hide the truth

    • 😞😞😞😞😞

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  • I personally wouldn't, I'd reply telling them I know how the date went because I was following them in the shadows the whole time - one up on their joke hahah

    You got this.


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  • Id think they were cheating. It might take me a while to be okay with it but then id eventually laugh

    • I played the joke on my bf now he's mad I guess he didn't like that joke but he says he don't care now he cares I don't get him