Is this the friend zone or not?

I really like this girl at work, we've been texting a lot about everything and talking quite a bit at work. Usually she will text me first. She wants to do stuff after work but sometimes she just asks me for a ride home (no car) . I asked her to the movies and I feel like I let her know I was asking her out on a date because I said " I really want to go out with you this weekend". She said yes but I'm wondering if its like a friend thing or date.


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  • There are different signs girls will send when they are interested in you! For example, maybe texting first, or initiating a conversation. The fact that she wants to hang out with you sounds like she's interested in you, but just be careful that it's not solely for the purpose of getting a ride back home... (just in case!) But from what you pointed out, it doesn't seem like she friend zoned you!

  • It sounds like a date to me, BUT take it slow! If you guys text a lot and are hitting things off pretty well, developing that friendship/comfort level won't hurt before officially dating


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