I can't stay with one girl?

So. To start off, I always been a player. I've been with a lot of girls and I liked it. So I met this girl who I really like and was thinking alrady that I was gonna commit to this one well I couldn't and I messed that up too. And now i feel like I'll never have any one to be with. I'm 19 and these hookups are getting boring real quick. It's just every time I start to date, I end up banging some other girl I start to talk to. And the cycle continues. I think I'm never ment to have a real relationship.


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  • There's really no type of advice to give you. Your willpower is up to you. If you truly don't want to keep messing up relationships, stop putting your privates into someone other than the girl you truly want.


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  • You're young, this isn't uncommon. Many ladies on here will hate what you are doing, but you need to have fun and get this out of your system before you consider settling down for a long term relationship.

    • the hate is not bc they are women. just bc they can't do it.

      plenty of women do this as well.. and guys who can't do it themselves hate them for it.