Texting her everyday: Yes or No?

Me and the girl I like text quiet often. We text almost if not always, every single day. But I feel like I'm breaking some unwritten rule, and I shouldn't be texting her EVERY day. The conversations are fine, we talk normal in the texts and they aren't boring, but I feel like I shouldn't text her everyday...

Does it matter if I do? And what are some conversation starters I can text her with? "Heyyy what's up/Heyy how are you?" gets kinda old for me haha.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I v been in tons of relationships and the answer is yes and no, it realy depends on the relationship. If you ar ejust close friend and ur crushing her then text he rmore than often to get to knowher better and work the charm. onc eyou have her or are dtaing her.. text a couplkew times a day with things liek how are you and compliments , just maike the conversation enjoyable. If ur texting her every second of everyday it could become anoying at sum times, and you could become boring and she might not wanan to talk to you as much anymore. Make her want you liek at the start of the day don't text her fisrt lket her text you that way you know she wants to talk to you instead of bugging her. Some good conversation starters might be 20 questions. I lvoe this game when I'm trying to know sumbody betetr and its fun (; things like what's your favorite band ecsedera, girls liek it when you show you wanna be mor einvolved and its a great way to get closer to sumone.