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Texting her everyday: Yes or No?

Me and the girl I like text quiet often. We text almost if not always, every single day. But I feel like I'm breaking some unwritten rule, and I... Show More

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  • Well I v been in tons of relationships and the answer is yes and no, it realy depends on the relationship. If you ar ejust close friend and ur crushing her then text he rmore than often to get to knowher better and work the charm. onc eyou have her or are dtaing her.. text a couplkew times a day with things liek how are you and compliments , just maike the conversation enjoyable. If ur texting her every second of everyday it could become anoying at sum times, and you could become boring and she might not wanan to talk to you as much anymore. Make her want you liek at the start of the day don't text her fisrt lket her text you that way you know she wants to talk to you instead of bugging her. Some good conversation starters might be 20 questions. I lvoe this game when I'm trying to know sumbody betetr and its fun (; things like what's your favorite band ecsedera, girls liek it when you show you wanna be mor einvolved and its a great way to get closer to sumone.

What Girls Said 3

  • I used to think that, partially because I wanted space (as they were the one texting me daily but after a few days I started to get used to it and genuinely liked having the conversations). I would say once the everyday has been established it's already there, hard to redefine. A day now and then break is understandable as people do get busy and have lives.

    You can send an image of something that you both have as inside jokes. It will get the conversation started and also make her smile. It also keeps it interesting and shows you remmeber things she likes. It's a win all around.

  • I'll text the guy I like when something reminds me of him. Or I pretend that something hapened that reminds me of him. ;) Like if you both went to the football game, and she did something cute, pretend that someone else you saw jsut did the same thing or whatever. :) If that doesn't make sense, let me know, and I'll come up with a better example. lol

What Guys Said 3

  • well you can start to take hints from the texts. like 1 word responses or just lol means she probably is tired of texting. and everyone needs space, so its ok to text every day (I think) but you might wanna lay off for a day sometimes here and there.

  • what everyone else said, but also, try picking up the phone and calling her. it can make the conversation a lot more enjoyable and personal

  • As long as you guys have stuff to talk about and don't get annoyed at each other texting everyday is alright. usually not texting everyday gives you a break so you don't get tired of talking to each other.

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