After how many dates with a girl can you tell her you like her?

After how many dates with a girl can you tell her you like her?


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  • Well what do you mean, "like her"? As in you want to be exclusive and date.. or as in a general compliment that you are liking who they are so far...
    I don't think there's one specific answer. It all depends on the individuals and the chemistry between them. If after a good date or two you want to express that you enjoyed yourself and really like her, I personally think that's okay.

    If you've gone on a few dates and things seem to be reciprocated, I think it's okay to have the talk. Just casually bring it up. Ask her what she's looking for (casual or serious thing) right now in her life, talk about what you want right now and feel the situation out to see if she's on the same page and go from there.
    Get to the point where you both agree and decide to be exclusive with each other, or come to a point where you realize you want different things.

    Either way, that IS what dating is and EVERYONE goes through it. So try not to over think things and stress yourself out. She's just a human like everyone else and she's not the last one on earth. Dating is experimenting and finding who you are compatible with while learning about yourself. Like what you really want and things you know you cannot deal with in the future.

    • Like as in wanting to date her exclusively


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  • When you know you like her, you let her know. There's not # of dates that you have to wait. You just have to wait until YOU know that you really like her. Good luck! :)

    • But i like people right away

    • Then go ahead and tell her. The only thing that happens when you waste time and don't tell her and you know how you feel is either she friendzones you because you don't make a move, OR you end up getting hurt because she doesn't know u like her. You need to tell her, not for her but for you. The sooner its all out there, the sooner you know if she feels the same or not, and then you go from there.

  • Back story: I had a crush on my BF and I had my friend tell him that. So he then asked me out to give it a try. So he didn't have that many feelings for me then. BUT after the first date he told me that he liked me more than he thought he would! So I think it is all with in context but I would say when ever you know for sure you like the girl more than being friends! :)

    Good Luck!


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