My life is a mess and i'm stressed?

My best friend was honest with me this morning & told me that she doesn't agree with my life choices.
It has hit me hard & really got me down.
She said that I should not be friends with my ex.
I want to be friends with him because I don't want to completely lose him from my life. Even though it's killing because I still love him.
I also slept with this guy & am trying to start something with him. We text sometimes. She doesn't disagree with this part.
Yesterday I invited him around but he had an assignment due that night.
I sent a text asking if it was just that night or an all out rejection. I think I annoyed him because he replied snappily about how he was so busy. I haven't heard from him since.
It's stressing me out & I don't know what to do.
My friend disagreed with how much I always talk about the boys. But I have anxiety so things like this are always on my mind.


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  • I understand how you feel. When I broke up with my ex-gf, I was like a loser, I started to get along with this girl at work and somehow we both fell in love, but my brother didn't agree with me being with her, because he said my relationship with her was like a rebound (I am still a virgin) or some kind, he knew I was desperate because during the time, I was still heartbroken. So my relationship with the girl wasn't a real love, but just a recovery.. Its very complicated to explain.

    In life, you are blind most of the times when you do things, you need your family and friends to observe what you are doing, and they will let you know the flaws you are in, and they will help you.


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  • This friend wants the best for you. Make every effort to keep her in your life.

    To paraphrase, "A person goes back to their ex like a dog returns to it's vomit."

  • I wouldn't say this is about life choices. About your friend... she is entitled to have her own opinion and it's great that she shares some of that with you, but that's an opinion after all right? Someones thoughts on something, period. Then, about these guys, you might need to put your stuff together before trying to get into another relationship. How can you face a new love if your previous one is not over yet?

  • It's good that you're putting your thoughts on a page like this, you can dissect it and try to figure out what to do. Figure anything out or still stressed?

    • Still stressed!

    • Well, what do you want to talk about? Haha... I mean, yeah, your relationship life is shaky, but it isn't what makes you. You're still you and your friend is advising you. Listen and learn. Experience it. Do something about it. If you don't know where to start, asking questions would be a good place. I'll be here for you =P

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  • I know the feeling. For the past year or so, I've been really stressing out as well. It feels like I'm always tense, which often upsets my stomach (I get random stomach aches etc). What really helps, though, is actually trying to distance yourself from the things/people that stress you out. I agree with your friend - you shouldn't keep being friends with your ex if it's painful. You need to cut all contact with him. It'll be really hard in the beginning, but after a while you will start to feel more and more relieved. Trust me.
    However, you shouldn't distance yourself from work. That could be your job, your school/homework etc. Obviously running away from the things you have to do won't help. Just make sure that you plan out everything to a T so that you have everything under control. Being in control of your situation also makes you stress less.
    Instead of constantly going to your friend with your boy problems, just use GaG as your outlet, or maybe write everything down in a diary. Although friends are there to support you, they're not your personal therapists. So, if you're constantly going to your friend (s) with your problems, it will definitely put a strain on them and your friendship. Find other ways to vent.

  • You should stop listening to other people telling you how to live your life. Normally friends know what's best for you. Do you think she is trying to help you and wants what is best for you? If so maybe you should consider your actions and evaluate them, sometimes you need someone to tell you when you are doing something wrong because people are most often oblivious. If not then DO WHAT YOU WANT (Safely) and have an awesome life :) Carpe Diem