My bf grab his mobile from me when I teasing him of checking his mobile.. do it mean what I m thinkin of.. is it a sign of cheating?

well.. we were just talking casually when he remove his mobile to comb his hair with z reflection... then i grab his mbl.. n then said... let me check a bit what's on ur mobile.. i said that casually like teasing him but he , i think, took me seriously...
he got upset n tried his best to take back his mobile from my hands.
then i asked, what could have happend if i check..
he give me z excuse of za his cousin put a mark on his mobile and do not want me to also as am quite clumsy
but it has been annoying me z way he has trapped his mobile from my hands. i felt like he is surely hiding something
but on the other part, im thinking... for guys, their mobiles, cars and other games gadgets are like their first wives. could it be that this is z case here. that why he did not let me have his mobile.
what do u think?


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  • He has something on it he doesn't want you to see. He may be cheating, or it could be p*rn, or conversations where he complains about you, or any other number of things.

    • i know he watches p*rn. once, i notice his bookmark on his browser with redtube, we tlk about za instantly..
      n he is not z type of guy of complainin about me to someone else. he do not like taking one's talk and like gossiping to someone else about it. then what remains is, he is surely flirting wiz a girl out there


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  • Clear as water hun, there's something there he doesn't want you to see but it doesn't mean he's cheating, at all.

  • Someday in a. perfect world.. girls will understand that you dont go through a man's wallet or celphone

  • Are you friends with the username "Zombiebabe" on here? I see you're both from Mauritius

  • i have no idea. I just know most people don't like other people looking at their phones

    • why why why
      btwnn bf n gf , there sud b nothing like hiding naa

    • I wouldn't want my girlfriend looking through my phone if I had one

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