Not sure if this is a date or not?

I asked this girl out I work with and she said she could not do it Saturday but could go on Sunday. I agreed because I really like her but I was wondering is it still a date or does she see it as friends hanging out.


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  • Many coworkers are always 'hanging out' after hours, like Right after the job is over and the sun goes down, so I refer to this as: Hanging around together.
    However, it's a weekend, it's just the two of you, and if nothing is said, mentioned, over thought here, by you Paying for the both of you, I would refer to it as a 'Date' and I am pretty sure, with her accepting your offer, even redoing her own schedule to meet up, she likely thinks it is too.
    Of course if you are not Into her, just are looking to 'Hang,' you could always just tell her: "It's great that two coworkers can get together on a weekend for some R & R... This way, even if You did lay your money out for her, you would also be laying your own rules 'Out' as well...
    Good luck. xx


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  • Depends on how you worded the question. You generally specify these things.

  • It would still be a date. She even rearranged the date so she could attend. She likes you.


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